LaMar Lighting uses only LED tubes of the highest quality from leading manufacturers and fixtures are factory wired to avoid many of the potential issues of field retrofit.

UL Type A offers the simplest installation process.  There is no requirement for electrical or structural modification of the existing fixture.  Virtually all of these tubes can be operated on typical instant start T8 ballasts and some are able to operate on programmed start and dimming ballasts.  Most can be operated by an emergency battery backup suitable for fluorescent lamps (specific models – consult factory).

Type B:  UL Type B LED tubes operate with an internal driver which is typically located behind the LED array inside the aluminum heat sink on the back of the tube.  Some brands install the driver at the end of the tube to allow the LED array to be placed closer to the back portion of the tube, thus allowing for a higher beam angle.  The driver is powered directly from the main AC voltage supplied to the fixture.  Most of the type B tubes are powered from one end with the AC lines connected to the fluorescent type lamp holder.  

As there is a potential shock hazard if the tube is incorrectly installed, it is recommended to disconnect AC power prior to installing the tubes and to verify proper installation prior to energizing the lamps.  Lamp holder type is a possible issue in retrofitting existing fixtures, as most LED tubes require the use of double contact lamp-holders rather than single contact ‘instant start’ type as is common in most T8 fixtures.  Many retrofits require the installation of new ‘rapid start’ type lamp-holders.  It should be noted that replacing old and brittle lamp-holders is highly recommended for field retrofits to further avoid potential shock hazards.

LaMar Lighting provides factory installed LED tubes using all new components and polycarbonate sockets with recessed contacts to help prevent the lamp from being improperly installed.  We offer an optional disconnect switch on most fixture types with proper labeling advising that power be disconnected prior to servicing or replacing LED tubes.  Installation of a standard fluorescent lamp will result in the failure of the lamp.

Many newer UL Type B models offer slightly higher efficiency than UL Type A, but typically cannot be dimmed or operated by most emergency battery backups (consult factory).  

Type C:  UL Type C LED tubes operate with a remote LED driver located within the luminaire that powers the linear tube with low voltage.  There is no line voltage at the lamp-holders or within the tube.   LED boards are mounted within a tubular enclosure that resembles conventional looking T8 lamps.  It is not possible to operate a standard fluorescent lamp with these LED drivers. 

The low-voltage outputs of the driver are connected to the lamp-holders instead of line voltage, resulting in UL class 2 wiring and reduction in shock hazard.  It is always recommended to disconnect power in any luminaire prior to replacing lamps or servicing.  The UL Type C tube is instant on with no startup delay or warm up and has a universal voltage driver of 110-277V.  

UL Type C tubes offer beam angles typically higher than most Type B tubes and some offer 0-10V dimming and true bi-level operation.  Forthcoming programmable drivers will offer factory adjustable high and low light levels for bi-level operation making these tubes ideal for use with motion sensors.   Battery backup is also available with dedicated LED backup units (consult factory).

Made in USA options - We offer both UL Type B (line voltage powered) and Type C (external driver powered) LED tubes that are Made in the USA.  UL Type C products have external direct wire leads to the driver and do not use the lamp pins for power.  These also use an external tube support clip due to the heavy-duty aluminum heat sink.

Due to the rapid advancement in technology, consult factory for the latest product options.  Q4 available 2014.

With one of the broadest product lines in the industry, LaMar Lighting can now offer the fastest and easiest path to UL approved LED luminaires.  We can now produce most of our product line with various types of modular LED tubes for recessed, surface or pendant operation.

There are 3 types of LED tubes available.  Let’s explore the features of each type. 

Type A:           Ballast driven LED tube

Type B:           LED driver built in (internal line voltage driven)

Type C:           Powered by an external driver

Type A:  This UL Type A LED tube is designed with an internal circuitry that allows the tube to operate directly from the existing linear fluorescent ballast and boasts longer lamp life to that of a standard fluorescent lamp.  Rated life for Type A tubes is 40,000-50,000 hours (varies by brand).  Fluorescent ballasts are easy and inexpensive to replace, at about half or less the cost of typical LED drivers and are readily available. Typical fluorescent ballasts are rated for 50,000 hours at their maximum rated case temperature. 

What are the features and benefits of LED Express?

UL Type A tubes may be slightly less efficient than other types of LED tubes but many still offer efficiencies of 110 lumens or more per watt and also offer beam angles of up to 240˚.  Low upfront cost, no additional labor, and easy replacement make these type A LED tubes the easiest path to the benefits of LED lighting.